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The Best Promotional Swag for Your Summer Conference

Time flies, and summer will arrive before you know it. This season is a great time to hit the beach, but it’s also a peak season for work conferences. The best way to make a conference memorable and fun is to offer attendees thoughtful items that match the hot weather. Having the right swag will make your company more memorable to conference visitors. 

In this blog, we’ll explore promotional summer swag items to “wow” attendees.

From insulated water bottles to high-tech gear, Penfactory has you covered! We’re the premier supplier of customizable swag items at summer events. So, sit back, relax, and get inspired by our summer conference essentials!

Benefits of Using Swag at a Summer Conference

Promotional products fuel brand awareness and engagement. The quality of the freebies you give out makes the difference between an empty table and tons of visitors. The key to giving out the best promotional swag is to opt for useful items. 

The items you give out will help others remember your company in the long run. Every time someone uses something with your logo, they’ll remember your service.

For the summer season, try adopting a fun theme for your items beyond a simple giveaway. Pick one impact item and a few other related ones to create a fun bundle. For example, imagine a summer hiking giveaway. Curate a swag bag with a drawstring backpack, water bottle, and sunglasses. Hand out these themed giveaway bundles during tabling, presentations, or as part of a welcome package for new employees! 

PenFactory’s Customizable Swag Items

Forget the stiff stress balls and cheap rubber bracelets you find at every other event. PenFactory offers quality promotional products made right. Our high-quality, affordable items leave a good impression on your event attendees. You can even personalize items to fit your brand with customized logos, colors, and text! We have a huge range of items to shop for this summer. 

Browse for the hottest (pun intended) summer items, including water bottles, towels, wireless earbuds, , and more!

Swag Items for Summer Conferences

Sports Water Bottle

Promotional water bottles are a common item handed out at conferences. Stand out from the competition with high-quality, stainless steel bottles! Perfect for travel, sport, or a hot day outdoors, this bottle keeps liquid cool and refreshing. The Yazzy Vacuum Sport Bottle is vacuum-insulated to ensure drinks stay cold. It also has a convenient loop attached to the cap so you can comfortably carry it while on a stroll. It’s made from durable stainless steel with a modern matte finish. Customize with your logo or a personalized text imprint.

Fruit Fusion Bottle

Looking for a water bottle that’s a bit more unique? How about a bottle with a fruit infuser? Fruit-infused water has great health benefits, like improved appetite control and immune defense. It also tastes delicious! If you’ll be attending an outdoor event, offer the Fruit Fusion Bottle with cool water and fresh fruit. Hot and thirsty attendees will flock to your table or presentation. You can also offer the same thing to your employees on a hot day. They’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture! 

Koozie Camouflage Lunch Cooler

This trendy Koozie Camouflage Lunch Cooler is ideal for a day out on the beach or a lakeside retreat. It comes with all the bells and whistles required for a delicious lunch. This bag has ample space for food and snacks, plus an outer pocket for a cool beverage. There’s also an exterior zip-close pocket for smaller items. Like all our products, it’s fully customizable with the text or logo of your choice.  

Customized Drawstring Backpack

In places everyone is handing out freebies, people quickly end up with their hands full. Having a backpack in this situation is helpful, but they’re also great gifts for anyone. Bring customizable bags to your work conference and you’ll be the hero of the day. Our Personalized Nylon Drawstring Backpack has a wider imprint area to give your logo or imprint space to stand out. For double the advertising space, repeat your imprint on the back side. 

Arce Clever 5W Speaker

Summer is the best time of year to roll down the windows and listen to some calming music. Wireless speakers are both seasonally-appropriate and practical, which makes them great gifts!

The Arce Celver 5W Speaker comes packaged in a stylish gift box that makes it great for display and presentation. The chic maple wood trim and laser-engraved imprint would make this speaker a great addition to any office or home. Tech-savvy recipients will also love the built-in microphone and indicator lights.

Modern Sprout One-for-One Tree Kit

For those who are all about sustainability, a Modern Sprout One-for-One Tree Kit is a genius gift. It’s also a great item to have at eco-friendly events or conferences focused on sustainable business. Show your business’s commitment to going green with our tree growth kit. This custom tree planter is a thoughtful gift that comes with everything you need to grow a tree. It includes seeds, a grow medium, and a pot, all in a canvas pouch with your screen-printed imprint or logo.

Leisure Travel Money Belt

If you want to get more eyes on your company, offer unique promotional swag. On their next summer vacation, your customers can travel in style with a money belt. These are popular items with tourists; they’re a discreet and safe way to store money, cards, and IDs. For a long-lasting and durable belt, go with our customized Leisure Travel Money Belt. The belt is an adjustable elastic strap that buckles around the waist and is available in blue or black. It features two small zip-close compartments where users can store items. Of course, this item is also fully customizable with a heat-transferred imprint.

Action Tracker Wristband 

A customizable fitbit is sure to be a showstopper at any event, especially during the summer. As the weather gets nicer, many people enjoy running and exercising outside. Our Action Tracker Wristband 2.0 has 13 functions to help users with their fitness and health goals. This trendy tech gift is compatible with Android 4.3/ IOS 8 and above. It comes in four different colors and has a pad-printed imprint. This is a great gift for any associate who enjoys fitness, and it’s sure to get everyday use. Every time the user checks their pedometer or distance checker, they’ll see your logo and remember your brand. 

Customize Swag for Your Summer Conference

When attending a conference, you need customized swag items with a striking logo, imprint, or theme. Conferences are a great place to network, but it’s the company items that will make them remember you! PenFactory offers customization options for colors, styles, and imprint methods to leave a lasting impression. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your swag customization. One idea is to make a specific logo for the conference to set your new swag apart from your usual items. Upload your new logo on the item you want to order (or send it to us later) and you’ll have new, exciting designs for the summer! 

Shop PenFactory for Promotional Summer Goods

Choosing the right promotional swag for a summer conference is as simple as thinking about the kind of items you would like. Having swag that’s practical, unique, and season-appropriate will capture anyone’s attention. Choosing items like the ones we’ve listed will increase brand awareness long after the event ends.

Browse our range of products today and use them to make your summer conference a success!

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